Police warn in new campaign: If you have been drinking, choose a cab, not a cruiser

Representatives from multiple police departments were on hand for the event.

A mobile billboard featuring a tricked-out Novi police car was unveiled today in Grand Blanc Township as part of an effort to crack down on drunken driving through Labor Day weekend.

The Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning is rolling out the campaign starting Friday.

The billboards will feature the Novi Police Department's "cruiser-cab", which is a police patrol car with the rear half covered with a wrap that looks like a taxicab.

Also on the billboard is the message "Been drinking? Choose your ride."

Lynn Sutfin, the â??Public Information Coordinator at Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning, told NBC25 that, "You can either choose to take a $20 cab ride home or you can choose to drive while you're drunk and potentially have a $10,000 to $15,000 ride in a patrol car. It just kind of points out this is the kind if choice you have to make when you've been drinking."

The real cruiser is currently in Novi.

There will be extra patrols from 155 agencies across 26 counties looking out for drunk drivers.

Last year, the campaign made about 350 drunk driving arrests.

The extra enforcement and the ad campaign are paid for by funds from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.