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      Political or economical? The Flushing Twp. police controversy.

      Flushing Township dumped its police department last week.

      It's a decision that's causing a lot of controversy and concern.

      The police officers union says it's purely political, accusing township leaders of trying to get rid of people that disagree with them.

      The supervisor says it's strictly dollars and cents.

      There's one police vehicle parked at the Flushing Township Police Department.

      The chief is still there but not the three full-time patrol officers laid off from last week.

      Lloyd Whetstone of the Police Officers Labor Council says "There have been statements made by different parties in the police department and the township that the reason is because the officers supported the recall against two board members."

      That's a claim the township supervisor denies.

      "We're past that. We're really into what does it cost the township. How do we get to where we are not into being in the black?" says Supervisor Terry Peck.

      Peck says contracting with the county will save $150,000 a year.

      The union says there would be no savings because it says overtime is not factored in.

      It also says it offered part-time positions to save money. That's an offer the township says was never formalized.

      Flushing Township resident Jeff Kuszmaul says, "I really hope that they change their mind and work with the citizens of Flushing Township can undue what has been done."

      However, Flushing Township resident Greg Purzycki says, "I don't care if we have the township cops or not. If the township cops would actually do their job and actually write tickets instead of asking money for millages all the time, and when I have called the cops they came out, but they do not give out tickets."

      Flushing Township says other areas are reaping the benefits of contracting with the county including Fenton Township, Atlas Township, and Vienna Township.

      The police union expects to meet with the township later this month and in March to try to get the officers rehired.