Possible chocolate shortage has MidMichigan on edge

Worldwide chocolate shortage could come by 2014. / Jason Dubois

Say it isn TMt so! The world TMs supply of chocolate could run short by 2014. That TMs the word from several media reports, which cast blame on political tumult in Africa TMs Ivory Coast.

40 % of the world TMs cocoa beans are harvested there, according to the UK TMs Daily Mail publication. It TMs creating a problem amongst fair trade agreements.

Are chocolate lovers in Mid-Michigan worried? It depends on who you ask.

It TMs three years away, said Shelby Albrecht of Zehnder TMs of Frankenmuth. It has an elaborate downstairs bakery, below the restaurant. Obviously a lot can change in three years. If that were to happen? We TMd find other avenues to get chocolate, he said.

Others like Karen Pawloski who visited Frankenmuth chocolate stores expressed more concern. That TMs why I TMm here, she said when discussing her reasons for shopping in Michigan TMs Little Bavaria.

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