Possible drunk driver strikes and kills bicycle rider in Flint

Flint police say they have a suspect in custody and that alcohol was a factor.

Last night at around 10, police say a Chevy Astro Van left the roadway on Dort Highway at I-475, struck a sign, then continued to Pierson Road, where the driver struck a man on a bicycle.

Police say alcohol was factor and have a suspect, age 46, in custody. The vehicle started out on northbound I-475 , where police say it left the road and struck a sign as it exited to Dort Highway.

Then the driver fled the scene in his vehicle and drove to Pierson Road, where the driver hit a man on a bicycle, who was 51-years-of-age, who then died.

That happened on Pierson, west of DuPont, between Susan Street and Winthrop Boulevard.

Police shut down the expressway exit and a portion of Pierson Road for a while after the accident, in order to investigate the scene. Both are reopened at this time.

The suspect's vehicle was located near where the bicycle rider was killed.

Police have not released the name of the victim or the suspect at this time.