Postal carriers carry on despite extreme weather

Zero degrees may sound bone chilling cold but if you talk to postal workers, they'll tell you it feels like paradise. In Grand Blanc, they're toughing these conditions to make sure their living up to their creed.

â??Zero seems warm right now,â?? says letter carrier Brian Bloing.

Even with 17 inches of snow and sub zero temperatures, Bloing knows one thing.

"We're going to deliver the mail, it don't (sic) matter what it is,â?? says Bloing.

Heâ??s been working the same route for a decade and actually prefers a deep freeze every once in a while.

â??I will take this over 90 degrees any day of the week,â?? says Bloing.

After all, it's allin the layers.

â??T-shirt, shirt, hooded sweatshirt, parka, four layers on top, actually i don't have any insulated underwear on, just the pants and these wind pants,â?? says Bloing.

:â??Bundle up, stay warm, take additional breaks, drink plenty of water,â?? says Mike Steiner, manager of the Burton post office.

Back at home base, Mike Steiner thinking warm thoughts for his 31 carriers knowing it's human nature--not Mother Nature causing courier delays.

â??What usually stops it is the carrier's inability to get to boxes whether it's the streets aren't plowed or the area immediately in front of the box isn't plowed,â?? says Steiner.

Back in Grand Blanc, a narrow path and the warm glow of the sun keeping Brian on track and on time.

â??Iâ??m happy with this, this is warmer,â?? says Bloing.