Postal worker saves elderly man who had heart attack

Saginaw postal trucks

A postal carrier saves an elderly man who apparently had a heart attack and was trapped in his home on the floor for days.

Fred Kline, 82, of Saginaw, says he thought he was going to die, but his alert postman who he taught as a boy scout, did not let that happen.

Kline says he had a mild heart attack at the end of September. "I couldn't stand up. My leg was hurting."

Not only was it hurting, it was broken.

For at least two days, Kline was on the floor scared not knowing what to do.

"I thought if I yelled loud enough someone would hear me out there. I said, 'God, this must be the day you want me.'"

When Fred did not answer the door or get his mail from the previous day, postal worker James Davis, who kline taught as a boy scout and his late wife taught in Sunday School, called 911.

Police responded, got inside the house, and found Kline shaking on the ground but okay.

Now he lives at Caretel Inns not wanting to have another scare.

He's grateful his postman cared enough to check on him.

"I'm not afraid of dying. If I can live, I want to stay too."

Fred says thoughts of his five grandkids helped him stay motivated while spending days on his floor.