Pothole repairs starting in Genesee County

Amidst financial strain from this unseasonable winter the Genesee County Road Commission is doing what they can for now. The proposed plan could reach the house next week.

"Bouncing jarring, teeth rattling," Genesee County resident and bus driver Tom Babcock recalls his trip down Saginaw Road in Mount Morris.

Babcock is looking for relief on the roads.

"It just feel like the thing is shaking apart donâ??t know whets going to fall off next," said Babcock.

Road commission crews are working to patch what they can with the least impact on a budget that hasn't gone up since 1997. But drivers say it isn't helping long term.

"To throw a patch in it, itâ??s wasting money," said Babcock.

The patches are a temporary fix... Until more money is found operations in Genesee County can't make repairs that could affect Michigan business.

"Were not going to be able to get products to market our citizens are going to have a lower quality of life," said Congressman Dan Kildee.

Meanwhile, road crews are doing what they can with an already over stretched budget. Kildee says long term repair could take more than the state.

"That means federal investment, state investment it may mean an increase, a marginal increase in their gas tax," said Kildee.

Charging more at the pump is one option thatâ??s hard to swallow for people like Babcock.

Next week, the state could release winter maintenance funding but for now Genesee County Road Commission Director John Daly is asking drivers to slow down when passing pothole road crews.