Power outage numbers climb as restoration is days away

Thousands of residents are now in the dark after the heavy ice caused power lines and trees to fall.

In Shiawassee County the devastation is wide-spread.

The county is under a state of emergency as officials tell people it is too dangerous and even life-threatening to head out on the roads.

In Owosso, many people are cleaning up while wondering what's next.

"All the down power lines and these tree limbs falling chance of falling on top of you," said Owosso resident, Scott Gethicker.

Owosso received nearly an inch of ice.

Now it's causing major problems.

Arnold Powell was shoveling his sidewalk, "it rains, it snows then it freezes," he said.

"You can see the power lines ripped right out the side of the house," said Gethicker.

"I heard a loud crack, looked up and saw a large tree branch falling on a power line and sparks shot out," said Owosso resident, Brian Parker.

As residents are picking up the ice-coated damage local businesses are also in the dark.

"We had to get a generator, we have to open up let people in a few at a time," said Joe Leonard, pharmacy manager at Walgreens.

But if you need a prescription, Leonard says, don't count on receiving it any time soon.

"It's difficult to fill. W can if it was an emergency," he said.

All this leaving resident with few answers as they prepare for a potentially dark Christmas week.


As of 5p.m. Sunday Genesee County reported 57,531 outages.

Consumers Energy officials report that some areas may not have power restored until Saturday.

2,575 outages in Saginaw County with restoration expected Tuesday.

17,331 outages in Shiawassee County with restoration expected by Friday.

For more information or to report an outage or downed power line, contact Consumers Energy: 1-800-477-5050.