Powerball jackpot hits $400 million and Mid-Michigan residents feel lucky

The Powerball jackpot has spiked to $400 million and Mid-Michigan residents want a piece of the prize.

This is the 4th time in a year the jackpot has reached near or above the $400 million mark.

Some jackpot hopefuls say it's lucky the jackpot has peaked so many times and are hoping some of that luck will rub off for tonight's drawing.

With a cash payout of just over $233 million, it may take a load of luck to win.

Ticket holders saying a few lucky charms include going in on a ticket with your friends to pool your luck, using your cell phone number as your lottery ticket numbers, or keeping a picture of a loved one wrapped in the ticket.

Store and gas station owners say that luck doesn't come from how you buy your ticket, but where you buy it.

"At the other station we own we sold one that was $113 or $114 thousand winner" says Ned Jalou, a gas station owner in Clio.

When asked if he thinks his stations are a bit lucky, "I think so" he laughs, "We will have to see".

The drawing is tonight at 10:59pm so get to a store before then to claim your potential winner.

Last August, Donald Lawson of Lapeer won the $337 million Powerball jackpot and people are now hoping for another Mid-Michigan winner.