Powers Catholic High School moving soon

Powers' current location is next to Northwestern Preparatory Academy

One of MidMichigan's most popular private schools is moving across town.

Powers Catholic High School will open its new school on the existing Michigan School for the Deaf and Blind campus in Flint.

For the last 40-years, Powers has been the neighbor of Flint Northwestern on Carpenter Road.

In the fall of 2013, it'll be sharing the campus of the Michigan School for the Deaf and Blind.

A recent agreement with the MSD's development company and fundraising efforts allowed Powers to announce the move.

Stacey Doyle, Director of Advancement for Powers says, "Our school is growing. We will continue to grow program-wise, build the character of our students, and build great leaders who are faithful and appreciate the opportunity."

Powers' 560 students could grow to 800 with the renovation of Fay Hall.

Crews will restore the 97-year-old building to pristine condition and will be used for the majority of Powers' education.

The school will add a gymnasium and library to the back of Fay Hall.

In all, Powers will spend $14.7 million helped by the $3-million sale of the Carpenter Road location to an un-named buyer who plans on turning it into a charter school and another $5-million raised in private donations.

School officials say it's a done deal, unlike the proposed purchase of GM SPO facility in Grand Blanc Township in 2010 where General Motors backed out of the deal.

Powers says being directly off I-69 will make the new campus easier to get to for all of its students.

"We're in Flint, to stay in Flint, and promote Flint is a wonderful opportunity to be in the heart of a college town. It just brings so much of what we had and enhances it."

The Michigan School for the Deaf and Blind is in the process of its own construction project now.

Powers hopes to break its own ground in May.