Preparing for spring thaw and flood threat

Here are the tips you can use to get ready.

First, know your risks.

  • If you are in an area that floods every year, you probably have a good handle on what is to come. You should also have flood insurance already, but if you do not, get it! Most insurance companies do not let the coverage go into effect for 30 days after you get insurance. Most standard home owners insurances do not cover flooding.

  • If you do not know if your home is at risk from creek, stream, or river flooding, you can go to you local city managementâ??s office, or you can go to websites like,, and to determine if your area is prone to flooding.

Once you know your risks, you can take appropriate action based on the flood potential.

  • Make sure you have a family disaster kit prepared with first aid kits, important documents, additional medications, pet food, flashlights, batteries, NOAA weather radio, cash, baby food, sanitizing wipes, personal hygiene items, rubber boots, and items of entertainment for the kids. This is good not only for flooding, but any natural disaster. If you have to evacuate, it is good to have all of this prepared now so you arenâ??t scrambling to get this all together at that time.

  • If you are susceptible to creek, river, or stream flooding, you may want to invest in sandbags, and keep them as long as you live in that zone. If there isnâ??t flooding from the warm up, there could be some later in the spring with our spring rains.

  • Move snow away from your house by a few feet to prevent that snowmelt from entering your home.

  • Clear snow and ice from all drainage areas around your house and in your street so rain water and melted snow will not pile up around the drains.

  • Make sure your homeâ??s downspouts and drains are all pointing a few feet away from your house, and they are clear from debris.

  • Test your sump pump if you have one to make sure it is working properly.

  • If you have a basement, and some appliances are down there, you can try raising them about 12-18â?? off the ground with some lumber to minimize damage should your basement flood.

Finally, stay on top of the situation with your only National Weather Service certified Storm Ready television station in the state, NBC25. We are dedicated to our communities, making sure our number one priority is keeping you informed on any potential life or property threatening natural disasters that come your way.

If the flooding is minimal, this information can be valuable for upcoming flood events that we know will happen here in our great state. Unfortunately, flooding is an almost guarantee every spring, so weâ??ll keep you posted on next week, and any future events as conditions warrant.