Preparing for your future with student loans

Lori Vedder, the Dir. of Financial Aid at U of M- Flint talks about student loans.

In a shaky economy, students are worrying about debt as loans for financial aid pile up.

Lori Vedder, the Director of Financial Aid at the University of Michigan-Flint said, thousands of dollars can add up and they can add up fast, so students need to be smart about which loans they take out.

Some students understand that perfectly.

Amber Elling said, "I took out three. Two of them are in my name and one of them is a parent plus loan."

"I took out one loan and it was for FAFSA for $8,000, added Larry Kelley.

The uncertainty about financial stability after college, weighs heavy because some students said they know they will have to pay back every dollar, plus interest.

The grey cloud of student loan debt is not just lingering over undergrads, parents are cashing in big time as well.

"They're expecting me to pay it back even though it's in my mom's name... it's close to $20,000 already," said Elling.

ABA Journal reports that on average, parents are responsible for $34,000 in student loans.

However, there is a way to get around that.

Vedder said students should look in to income-based repayment options.