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      President Obama gives a glimpse of education plans in speech

      Mid-Michigan residents watch President Obama's State of the Union address at the White Horse Tavern in Flint.

      President Barack Obama will be speaking at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor Friday to address the rising costs of higher education.

      He gave a glimpse into his plans for affordable education in Tuesday night's State of the Union Address.

      President Obama said he wants to work with public universities to make a college degree a possibility for every child growing up in America.

      More than a dozen people, mainly democrats, gathered at the White Horse Tavern in Flint to watch the president give his speech.

      Most agreed with the President's statements on making higher education more affordable.

      President Obama stressed that congress needs to stop the interest rates on student loans from doubling.

      He also wants to extend the tuition tax credit that saves middle class families thousands of dollars and he wants to give young people more opportunities to earn their way through college.

      Obama said states also need to do their part by making higher education a priority in their budgets.

      NBC25 spoke with Mid-Michigan residents who say making education more affordable is key to moving the country forward.

      "We have to recognize that every graduate has to have at least two years of post secondary education to qualify for these jobs in the global economy. That starts with affordability, whether it's an apprenticeship program, community college or a four year university. In the end students need to have a lower economic thresh hold," said Former Lt. Governor John Cherry.

      "I'm a stickler for education. It's a way up for anyone who is in the middle to get higher. We must have higher education and have an education that specifically has us prepared for the jobs that are coming in the future. That is the most important," said retired nurse Janice Mosley.

      NBC25 will be in Ann Arbor for President Obama's visit and will have a full report Friday on NBC25 news at 6:00 p.m.