Principal/coach accused of drunk driving

A small MidMichigan community is buzzing about its high school principal and varsity football coach accused of drunk driving.

Some are supporting him by saying he's a good person that made a mistake.

While others say they don't feel sorry for him.

Bay City Police arrested 45-year-old Roger Bearss in July for allegedly operating while intoxicated and driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

Millington resident Mark Bellamy says, "He should have known better and know when he's getting drunk not to drive." Bellamy says Bearss should get no more and no less than anyone else when it comes to the justice system. However, he believes he should be punished if it's true. "He should be held accountable for his mistake. What kind of example does that set?"

Others are supporting Bearss by saying he does so much for the school, and that many are only focusing on his arrest. One woman, who did not want to be identified, says her son is good friends with him, and that she's known him since he was a teen.

She says, it's not fair that his name and picture are circulating in news outlets.

NBC25 spoke with Bearss last November while covering Millington High School Football. He talked about the integrity of the football program. "{They're} making their grandfathers, their fathers proud of them, by continuing the tradition of something that they've been a part of. It says a lot about our town and our community," said Roger Bearss.

The Millington Schools superintendent was unavailable for Wednesday, as well as Bearss' attorney.

Bearss will be back in court September 24th for a pretrial.