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      Propane shortage causing prices to sky-rocket

      Dague Dri-Gas is attempting to keep up with propane demand.

      Sub-zero temperatures have had a drastic effect on propane gas.

      Supply cannot keep up with the demand and now prices are skyrocketing.

      "It's just really getting out of hand" says Jim Szappan of Chesaning.

      Propane supply is short, companies placing blame on the frigid temperatures and the difficulty of getting tankers through the snowy Midwest.

      "You know propane, you got to have it to heat the home and the prices are just crippling" says Jim.

      Propane users seeing an increase over a dollar and a half per gallon in some places.

      While the price continues to climb, homeowners worry the effort to heat their homes will continue to strain the local supply.

      "Normal temperatures I could go 7 to 8 weeks before needing a re-fill" says Joe Cragg of Saginaw.

      "Now with temperatures like this I can only go about 4 weeks".

      Propane suppliers say they feel the publics pain.

      "We pre-bought some gas, we're holding pretty well on that but it's starting to dry up fast" says Keith Dague, Owner of Dague Dri-Gas Inc.

      "As they raise prices we have to raise our price with it".

      Michigan residents are no stranger to the cold but Keith says this is the worst he has ever seen the propane increase,

      Propane gas companies including AmeriGas tell NBC25 they have increased their production and expect prices to settle a bit after the extreme cold this week.