Proposed Consumers Energy power plant moves forward

Build it and the customers will come.

â??Iâ??m excited about it,â?? says Tammy Lovelady.

She works at the Classic Coney on Mount Morris Road. Lovelady is all for the new power plant slated for nearby Thetford Township.

â??Our business should increase tremendously,â?? says Lovelady.

600 construction jobs expected are expected to begin in 2014.

â??Genesee county, the Northern Tier, we're hurting financially and this would be a very good thing,â?? says Eileen Kerr, supervisor of Thetford Township.

Consumer Energy says the plant will bring more than $300 million to Genesee County's Interstate 75 corridor.

â??I think in the long run, it'll help this community, small business owners,â?? says neighbor Frank Deforke.

But township supervisor Eileen Kerr isn't jumping for joy just yet.

â??Consumers is a good company and they're wonderful but then again Iâ??m not counting my chickens before they hatch,â?? adds Kerr.

Thatâ??s because Consumers Energy still needs financial backing and final approval from the state. A certificate of necessity is the next step.

â??If and when that becomes final, then we will see hallelujahs,â?? says Kerr.

And Tammy will join in on that chorus.

â??We're pretty happy about it,â?? adds Lovelady.