Proposed legislation could change the landscape of Michigan school districts

The proposed legislation would give Michigan Counties a larger role in operating and over seeing public school districts.

Lawmakers are looking over Flanaganâ??s recommended hybrid system that centralizes many administrative and academic functions with intermediate school districts.

States like Florida are using similar proposals to combat declining public school attendance.

Flannigan says getting the proposal through the legislature is challenging but will save the state millions and with minimal impact on student education.

"Many of these are going to be much more effectively run if they are consolidated. So itâ??s a combination of what's more efficient and better for students," said Michigan Department of Education spokeswoman Jan Ellis.

"Itâ??s just something that's being proposed and they havenâ??t said anything so Iâ??m not sure how it will effect Flint if it effects Flint," Flint School Board President Antoinette Lockett.

The proposed hybrid system would centralize use of transportation, staff training, and food service.