Proposed name change for Flint Township in early stages

Vacant space waiting for business in Flint Township

If Chuck Hughes has his way, Flint Township will be called something else entirely, and it won't have the word "Flint" in it.

He says Flint has a bad reputation for crime and poverty and collapsing government and that others in the township believe businesses have stayed away from developing despite being one of the county's prime business districts, because of the perceived association with Flint.

Hughes says a committee has been formed to look at the possibility of changing the name and even into becoming a city rather than a township, and idea that he supports.

We talked to Flint residents to see if they feel snubbed by the proposal and most said no, but they thought it was divisive and really didn't make sense.

Hughes says the change would benefit Flint and others communities in Genesee County. He points to name changes in Auburn Hills (formerly Pontiac Township) as well as Eastpointe (formerly East Detroit).

Flint Township Supervisor Karyn Miller has told NBC25 that the committee is in the very early stages of looking at a change in name and postal code, and there will be plenty of time for public input on the proposed change including the name itself.

Hughes says he's opened to suggestions but personally likes "West Point".