Prosecution rests in Abuelazam murder trial

Abuelazam (right) watches his lawyers in court on Tuesday.

After calling more than 50 people to the witness stand in less than five days, the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office rested its case against accused killer Elias Abuelazam Tuesday afternoon.

"I think the jury was paying very close attention throughout the trial, especially to the cell phone tower testimony that places Abuelazam at the scene of every assault, and at the scene of every homicide," said Prosecutor David Leyton.

The defense is set to call only one witness, Michigan psychiatrist Norman Miller, on Thursday.

He was unavailable to testify Wednesday, so court will not be in session.

Abuelazam's lawyer Brian Morley is likely to plead insanity on behalf of his client.

"I'm preparing that. I'm prepared to go forward with it and in all likelihood that would happen in Thursday," Morley said.

Miller is perhaps best known for testifying on behalf of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick in a lawsuit filed against SkyTel Messaging.

The lawsuit was thrown out in January.

Tuesday, stabbing victim Bill Fisher testified that he was stabbed by Abuelazam in June 2010 while helping the accused serial stabber work on his SUV.

Fisher ran for help to a nearby apartment complex, before dialing 911 himself on his cell phone.

"Nobody. I'm pushing buttons so by that time I'm going unconscious," Fisher testified.

Twenty-three months after he was attacked, Fisher says his wound has still not healed.