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      Protecting your home during the deep freeze

      A massive roof collapse at Saginaw Townshipâ??s Kmart on Gratiot Road is sparking new interest in protecting homes during the deep freeze.

      "It looks like it could cave in if we get more snow," said Frankenmuth homeowner John Wojt.

      Wojt is taking the right steps to project his check book in the spring. Since Kmartâ??s roof collapse in Saginaw Township people like Wojt are making the same choice.

      "I call it a small investment for saving your roof," said Gilroyâ??s Home Improvementâ??s John Bender.

      Found at local hardware stores, a roof rake is about $50. Roofing expert Paul Brown says getting the job done now is important for any homeowner.

      "Theresâ?? a lot of weight on roofs and the freezing and thawing creates ice dams," said Paul Brown.

      Ice dams are pockets of water and condensation trapped by ice. They create a costly problem after a deep freeze.

      "One time I went up there and it was the spring time and I noticed I had a board cracked in my garage," said Wojt.

      If unattended the roof rake will only do so much. The professionals say record cold temperatures are creating thick heavy ice that needs more attention.

      "Calcium chloride, it works better than salt," said Brown.

      John Wojt is sending the roofing experts message to his family members. He says recovering from the deep freeze is more than shoveling out the drive way.

      "It depends where it falls in but if it falls in the center it can go right down the center of the house, hit the furnace and do a lot of damage," said Wojt.

      While outside working in the elements the Michigan State Police says to take frequent brakes and avoid hypothermia.