Protest asks patrols power be given back to Flint

City Councilman Wantwaz Davis says enough is enough.

"If we continue to allow them to run through the city like cowboys, then the residents that is running the streets and walking the streets lives will always be threatened" says Davis.

Residents protesting outside Flint city hall demanding a change to the way Michigan State Police handle high speed chases.

State police vehicles have been involved in several accidents including a crash that killed a Flint woman on the city's Northside.

"You just can't go on chasing people in residential areas without taking the innocent civilian lives as the focal point" says Davis.

But according to the Michigan State Police, these are very rare incidents.

And the latest crash is being investigated to see if proper procedures were used.

"We are going to make sure that we do a complete and thorough investigation on this incident so that we can determine exactly what happened" says Lieutenant Brian Cole of the Michigan State Police.

State Police have taken over more patrols after budget cuts forced the city to cut officers.

Police saying the extra help is making a difference.

"The decline in crime that we are currently experiencing has a lot to do with MSP" says Flint Police Chief James Tolbert.