Protesters camp out near DNC

Proteters camped out in tents near the DNC site.

Many of the same protesters that made their presence known at last weekâ??s Republican National Convention in Tampa are doing the same at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

One protest group included members of the Poor Peopleâ??s Economic Human Rights Campaign. They said they want to see the nation change on a multitude of issues, including healthcare, education and the economy.

Another issue the protesters said they wanted to bring light to was the nationâ??s homeless problem.

â??Democratic National Convention, they speak measures and weâ??re here hopefully to be listened to and our intentions are positive, words we wish will be heard,â?? said protester Alfonso. â??There are people that are losing their houses and we are going further and further displacing them.â??

In separate instances outside of the convention the protesters could be heard chanting negative Obama statements.

See RAW VIDEO above of one of the protests in downtown Charlotte.

The Poor Peopleâ??s Economic Human Rights Campaign camped out in a city park. One of its organizers said the group was taking advantage of Charlotte because of the politicians in town for the DNC.

In Tampa, the same group also camped out. The group called its tent city â??Romneyville.â?? It relates itself to the "Occupy Movement."