Protests at Clio School Board meeting over privatization threats

Some Clio teachers showed up to the protest as well

Parents and teachers joined custodial workers and bus drivers outside Clio High School Tuesday night as board members met to further discuss possible plans to privatize these two services.

The threat came as a result of stalled negotiations between the union that represents the workers and the school district. The district will take bids for the next several weeks and either move to privatization or use the bids as leverage in the union negotiations.

A Clio mom who turned out to support the workers says outside private workers making less money won't care about the school as much.

About 50-60 people turned out for the protests, among them, Mark Thompson who is a custodial worker at Edgerton Elementary also attended there. He says the current workers are vested in the community. He also says he takes the possibility of losing his job to a lower paid private worker personally.