Public forum addresses crime and party stores in Flint

Concerned citizens, organizations and other Flint residents are meeting with the state and local police about cracking down on crime around Flint party stores.

One side calling the stores a hub for crime/ presenting a list of issues including gun sales, drugs and the misuse of EBT cards.

While the other side argues they rely on party stores for essential items.

"This is the best place for the neighborhood to come because they ain't got no ride out the jurisdiction," said Flint resident Kyranai Bridges.

Flint residents are talking about basic needs to live.

"Milk, bread cheese and stuff like that to feed their kids and take care of what they need at home," said Bridges.

Flint Neighborhoods United is channeling their attention elsewhere. Like loitering, trash, and the misuse of EBT cards.

All issues they say is generating crime. But their claims are meeting resistance.

"Crime happens in churches so ain't no telling where thereâ??s common ground," said Flint resident Terrelll Jackson.

State beverage, food and liquor representatives are hearing the neighborhood organizations side during the forum.

And they are trying to find a solution.

"I think its about cutting down the availability of liquor and beer and wine and stuff of that nature," said Jackson.

While others fear the complete removal of what they rely on may be an answer.

"If they close the corners stores and stuff itâ??s going to mess up a lot of people," said Bridges.

But the difference between the people is what could determine the fate of Flint party stores.

"Thereâ??s a difference between a person coming up here and buying what they need then a person that come up here for violent tendencies," said Bridges.