Public safety negotiations continue in Saginaw budget talks

The clock ticks as the Saginaw city manager prepares to present his budget to the city council.

Somehow, city manager Darnell Earley must balance the budget. So far, it's been at the expense of public safety officers.

â??Itâ??s going to have some significant reductions in expenses and a lot of that reduction is coming in the form of police and fire positions,â?? says Greg Branch, mayor of Saginaw.

Firefighter Brandon Hausbeck says on going negotiations might save some positions.

â??It appears there's some good talks going on, we might be able to get something done here,â?? says Hausbeck.

â??Something should happen man, I sure love to have these guys right next door,â?? says Roosevelt Daniels.

Daniels lives right across the street from Saginaw Fire Station #2. He says these cuts go deeper than just his safety.

â??Not only would it hurt the community, what about their families, says Daniels.

Thatâ??s something Hausbeck knows first hand. If the cuts go through, he and several other firefighters are out of a job.

â??I shutter to think (about the cuts). Summer is the busy time. Saginaw sees a lot of fire. We're already stretched thin. This would devastate us,â?? adds Hausbeck.

â??I am hopeful that we are still able to change that,â?? says Hausbeck.

As of 5 p.m. Monday, city council members say they're still waiting to get their hands on the budget. Our calls to city manager Darnell Earley were not returned.