89 / 63
      89 / 66
      86 / 68

      Pushing 90 degrees with humidity, feels like wearing the air

      It's a heat up and cool down week as we head towards 90 degrees.

      Thursday brings the heat as we jump in to the upper 80's all over Mid-Michigan, including the northern counties.

      Scattered showers and a storm or two are possible but will not be widespread so keep an umbrella handy during the afternoon just in case you're the lucky one under the cloud.

      Friday has the cold front with the bulk of the storms.

      These should arrive later in the morning and afternoon and could have some stronger wind and small hail with them.

      The weekend starts off very cool, Saturday dropping in to the upper 60's for most everyone and a few reaching 70.

      We add a few degrees each day as the sun sits over us unimpeded all the way through Tuesday.

      By Wednesday the rain returns strong with a few storms and we reach near 80 degrees once more.

      Check out the video for more on your forecast.