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      Race to replace Paul Scott heats up after candidate forum

      Scott became the first state lawmaker to be recalled in Michigan in more than a generation.

      All three candidates for the 51st District seat vacated by Paul Scott in mid-November, met at the Grand Blanc Senior Activity Center Friday night for a candidate forum.

      Potential voters braved temperatures in the teens and snowy roads to hear the candidates answer a wide-range of questions.

      "I'm doing everything I can to reach all the voters to help them understand my position and that I'm running and that they have a great option in this race," says Green Party Candidate Cary Neuville-Justice.

      Neuville-Justice is running on a platform for "less government, more progress."

      Democrat and special education teacher Steve Losey is motivated to run after he says Paul Scott lied his approach to lawmaking.

      "He came into my home his first round of elections and sat on my couch and told me about how pro-education he was and all that he was going to do for education. Two years later he's taking it away," said Losey.

      And then there's Genesee County Commissioner Joe Graves.

      Graves was hand-picked by the Genesee County Republican Party in November to run for Scott's former seat.

      Graves finds himself in the difficult situation of trying to stay true to his party, while not following down the same path as Scott.

      "Its about the economy and getting jobs here. My family moved here in the 1950's because of opportunities in Genesee County. I have four kids, 12 grandkids. I want to keep them here. I want them to have jobs," said Graves.

      The special election is scheduled for February 28th.