Racial slur brands Flint home

Jackson Avenue resident Cleon Golden tells NBC 25 about how the slurs got on the house.

Neighbors say in a domestic dispute on Thursday a woman threw a can of red paint onto a manâ??s truck, leaving a trail behind. She returned later that day with the same can of red paint and then she tattooed the house with racial slurs.

â??For her to come do something like this it just brings our neighborhood down,â?? said Jackson Avenue resident Cleon Golden.

Neighbors call Cleon Golden the young kid on the block. And say they are trusting him to take care of a nasty message.

"Iâ??ve been here ever since '69 and Iâ??ve never seen anything like that before," said Jackson Avenue resident Birdie Bray.

Golden, who saw the culprit vandalizing this newly vacant home is searching for a way to erase hate from his block.

"Everybody got a little scared. So my thing was just get into action and get this paint off this house as quick as I can," said Golden.

Members of joy tabernacle church are answering NBC 25's call for help.

"I think that was really nice people coming together and cleaning it up," said Bray.

'The young kid on the block' says Jackson Street is short on manpower.

"We got a block of 27 houses, maybe 10 thereâ??s still people in," said Golden.

But with help it's possible. Even from those once considered strangers.

"We can come as a neighborhood come together and paint it and that's what we did and that was the awesome part," said Golden.

In Birdie Bray's 90 years she says she has seen her share of racism. And hopes this paint is laid on thick enough to permanently erase it from her sight.

"Iâ??m not afraid to stay here because I have been here a long time so I hope itâ??s going to be alright now," said Bray.

Now the job is done on Jackson Avenue residents are coming back outside and thanking those who made a difference.

Neighbors tell us that they did contact the police about the matter and we were unable to find out who owns the home.