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      Rain revives Genesee crops

      Farms breath a sign of relief after much needed rain hits Mid Michigan.

      Three days of heavy rainfall is saturating most of Mid Michigan even up to eight inches in some areas. Genesee County received over two inches a much needed rainfall for drought ridden farmers.

      "It's greatly affecting our second crop and planning. I mean its a little too late for most early stuff but later vegetables are going to benefit."

      Farmers say the crops will be significantly better towards the end of the season because of this rainfall; however, it could have come at a better time.

      ??well it??s a little too late with all the heat we had back in July but we really could have used most of this rain back then.??

      Looking towards the future the Winterfresh Greenhouse in Birch Run is optimistic about late summer produce selection.

      ??oh I think we will be in good shape now that we got some rain. A lot of the later crops will come on stronger and the later crops will be plentiful.??

      Produce this season has seen an increase from last years crop but consumers should enjoy the rainfall as much as the farmers.

      "If anything its going to keep prices where they should be rather than having it the drought keeping prices going.??