Rain this week, almost every day

The rain moves in, and it really does not want to leave.

Showers move in after about noon on Monday and continue through the week.

Showers should start first in the southern counties and spread north over the following couple of hours, probably by about dinner-time for the northern portions.

The amount of rain everyone will get for the entire week varies a great deal because of the scattered nature on several days and also the chance for heavier rain in storms Tuesday and Wednesday.

What I can give you is an estmate for the heaviest Monday through Tuesday early overnight, looking to be between about 3-quarters of an inch to 1 inch of rain.

This alone does not mean flooding, rivers have gone down a lot which is certainly good news.

However, there is always a "however" I'm sorry everyone, this does not take into account the rain that will fall from overnight Tuesday through Friday.

Those are the scattered showers that are hard to hit but I would estimate if you got hit by rain every day it would double the amount you get the first half of the week which means a minor threat then.

ONLY if you continue to get hit though, so this is nowhere near an accurate estimate right now.

Bottom line, we're getting rain, a hefty amount, but unless your constantly get hammered we should be good.

The warmth on Tuesday and Wednesday is accompanied by a chance for thunderstorms but severe weather is not something we are looking for right now.

Should just be your run-of-the-mill spring storm.

If you have any questions watch the video for the full and in-depth forecast and if you still have questions then shoot an email to!