Recall petition filed against members of Saginaw Board of Education

Concerned citizens and parents are asking for the recall of four members of the Saginaw school board.

The group filed the petition around four oâ??clock Friday afternoon at the county clerks office.

Board members are elected to six year terms.

Parents say they are concerned for their kids safety and future in the Saginaw school district.

The recall attempt comes at a time when the district could vote to close a number of schools as part of a deficit elimination plan.

â??Itâ??s just a bad situation. With all the violence going that could occur. The residence that live in the Saginaw area where the overcrowding is going to happen a lot of kids aren't going to go to school,â?? says Margie Dallas of Saginaw.

Meantime the Saginaw school board is planning to meet Monday to vote on a deficit elimination plan, one day before it is due to the state.

The school board will vote on a plan that could potentially close Saginaw High School and lay off more than 50 district employees.

The district needs to come up with a plan to eliminate at $6.1-million deficit or risk losing state aid.

Saginaw superintendent Carlton Jenkins will have a proposed final plan to school board members by Sunday.