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      Recipe: Lettuce Eat Vegetarian

      Wam Bam Shrimp, anyone? Yes please! bd's Mongolian Grill visited the NBC25 studios this week with "healthy, vegetarian" options.

      The restaurant is also featuring a new kids menu that includes healthy side options for children.

      bd's is a fun, create-your-own stirfry-type restuarant. There is a location along Miller Road in Flint Township.

      This week the Mongolian Grill shows us the recipe for "Lettuce Eat Vegetarian" 2 oz of Tofu, 2 oz of Broccoli, 1 oz of Baby Corn, 2 oz of Pineapple and 1 oz of Green Onion. Topped with 2 oz of Mongolian Ginger sauce and 1/2 oz of chopped Garlic Serve with fresh lettuce wraps!