Record breaking lows recorded from polar air

Mid-Michigan communities including Flint and Saginaw have new record lows for both Monday and Tuesday.

Mondays new record for Flint matches Tuesdays at -14 degrees.

Saginaws new record is nearly the same at -13 degrees.

Your location may be slightly different but these go down as the official reports from the weather stations at the airports, Bishop airport for example.

Other locations breaking records include Lapeer, Midland, Owosso, and Sandusky while Caro tied their previous record of -13 degrees.

Wind chills will remain strong and in the -20 degree range today, stay bundled up or indoors.

Although it does work, please try and refrain from doing the boiling water thrown into the air trick, people are being hurt from leftover boiling water flying back at them.

It may be interesting to see but it is not worth the danger it poses to yourself or bystanders.

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Don't worry, relief is on the way.