Relatives, neighbors react to murder of 14-year-old Flint boy

Neighbors react to 14-year-old Antonio Bell's murder Saturday.

On a warm Friday night, near the Mott Park tennis courts, relatives say a teenager was gunned down, execution style. Although police haven't confirmed it, they tell us 14-year-old Antonio Bell got a call to walk from his house to the park. When he arrived he was shot in the head. As police roped off the area with tape, family members and a large crowd gathered in disbelief.

â??You see this on TV and you never think it would happen to your family member, its unexplainable,â?? said Carla Bell, Bellâ??s aunt.

Hours later, a small cross was erected near where Bell's body was found. His aunt says he just graduated from 8th grade at McKinley Middle School.

Meanwhile, just a few feet from the scene, yard sales were up in the Mott Park neighborhood Saturday. One neighbor says he heard what happened.

â??I heard some pops then I heard people screaming, then more pops, and then there were cops all over the place,â?? Jamel Bobb said.

Another neighbor, who asked that we just call him Miles, says no child deserves to be killed.

â??These kids have nothing to do. Give â??em a job or a summer program and they'll have something to do,â?? Miles said.

â??Why Tony?â?? Carla Bell asked.

â??He was just 14. He had his whole life ahead of him.â??