Remembering our fallen veterans

People come to remember loved ones at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly.

Many people will agree that we all have a family member or know of someone that has fought for our country. On Memorial Day weekend we take time to thank those people for putting their life on the line.

Vietnam veteran Robert Smith said, "never take freedom for granted. It is paid for in blood."

Hundreds of people came to celebrate and remember veterans that served and are still serving overseas at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly.

Michael Donnellon with the Knights of Columbus said, "this was a wonderful experience. I'm really proud of being a veteran."

Before hundreds of soldiers, marines and navy men and women left the cemetery with their family, they paid respect to more than 14,000 veterans at their resting place. Mary Campbell came to remember her father.

"He was my hero. He actually passed away 12 years ago," said Campbell.

Just like others Campbell added a personal message to her father's stone.

"He was a major Tigers fan. He loved the Tigers and so do I," she added.

A day everyone will treasure a life time.

"The various freedoms that many of us take for granted, someone had to pay the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy that," Smith said.