Remembering Trooper Paul Butterfield

Trooper Paul Butterfield went to school in Bridgeport where he is being remembered tonight as a seasoned police officer, army vet, fiancé and locally an all-star runner who followed his destiny into the ranks of the Michigan State Police.

"14 years with the Michigan State Police a phenomenal runner from what I understand, a great guy," said State Police Lieutenant Chris McIntyre.

Growing up Paul Butterfield the second built his foundation running for the Bearcats.

"He just loved to run. And he was really good at it," said Butterfieldâ??s former track coach Leonard Callard.

During his tenure at Bridgeport High his coach Callard says they didn't lose.

"You don't get Paul Butterfieldâ??s very often as runners for your team" said Callard.

Callard has coached about 100 kids a year for more than 40 years but Butterfield was special.

"Heâ??s just a good student and all the things you needed because I think state policeman do a good job," said Callard.

The slain trooperâ??s former coach says he always knew Butterfield was running in the right direction.

"Cause his father was a state policeman too, Paul Butterfield senior," said Callard.

In a press conference this morning in Rockford; Lieutenant Chris McIntyre remembers the 14 year vet.

"This is the job we do and the risks we take unfortunately but i think it's a loss for the entire community not just law enforcement and were very saddened by it," said McIntyre.

Butterfield's Bridgeport community is reflecting the lieutenantâ??s emotion.

"I just weâ??re going to miss Paul and I will particularly because he kept in touch with me," said Callard.

State Police officials say no funeral arrangements have been made.