Renaissance Zoning possibly coming to Flint area

Renaissance zoning is receiving unanimous support form area municipalities as flint township leads the charge to market their area as a booming business hub.

"When you are the forerunners in something like this you're creating the paperwork and the applications and all those things,â?? said Flint Township Economic Enhancement Director Tracey Tucker.

The application is considered by the next Michigan Development Corporation who provides development tools and incentives to assist businesses.

"Then it moves from us to the state of Michigan who will grant them or deny them," said Tucker.

In hope to restore areas once powered by gm. Still, residents remember their past and question the effect of new zoning.

"Among the residents of flint there is a natural sense of skepticism because of everything that has happened,â?? said Flint Township resident Mark McCormick.

Flint township officials are hoping the tax break benefit of renaissance zoning will encourage new businesses as long as they use multiple modes of transportation they are eligible.

"You are looking for types of businesses that are creating a product they can ship elsewhere," said Tucker.

If the state approves the zoning new businesses could get up to a 100 percent tax break, taking away from overall city revenues and Flint Township is prepared for that.

"Itâ??s revenue that's not being generated now but it brings in jobs, and when you bring in those jobs it supports the community in several different ways,â?? said Tucker.

A community where some are ready for an economic upswing.

"Do I think it could happen? Absolutely I do,â?? said McCormick.

In order for places like FedEx and Kogel Meats that are already in potential new zones to reap the tax benefits they have to be adding onto what they already have. On Tuesday the next Michigan Development Corporation is meeting to consider the 12 applications sent in from different counties.