Renovated homes seek qualified buyers

Homes for sale by the Genesee County Landbank in excellent condition for reasonable prices. So why aren't some selling?

Officials say credit problems are apparently standing in the way of homeownership for many in Genesee County.

However, there are many success stories to tell.

Jerry Taylor and his wife moved into a Mount Morris home renovated through the neighborhood stabilization program a little more than a year ago.

"It's a dream home" says homeowner jerry taylor.

The Taylors are all settled into their home for a smaller price-tag than they were used to.

"My payments here at this house are less than the lot at the trailer park," says Taylor.

Similar community gems renovated through the Land Bank's neighborhood stabilization program dot neighborhoods throughout Genesee County. But, many 'for sale' signs remain.

"We get an awful lot of people that come out to look and really want to buy them but unfortunately people in our community have credit problems and are unable to get a mortgage" says lLand Bank executive director Doug Weiland.

Weiland says for every ten interested buyers, an average of one is qualified.

To learn more about the Land Bank you can visit them online.