Rep. Kildee introduces bills to fund after school programming; crack down on crime

U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee is introducing a set of bills, he says, is a three-pronged approach at reducing violent crime in mid-Michigan.

The bills look to boost after-school funding and put more law enforcement on mid-Michigan streets.

At 22, Deonco Mize has seen friends fall victim to the violence in Flint.

â??Especially last year, that was the most we've ever had,â?? says Mize. â??I've been to a lot of funerals.â??

The Flint native says more investment in The Vehicle Cityâ??s youth will help curb the crime problem in his city.

â??We just basically need more jobs. We can do a lot and it's gotta be done now,â?? says Mize.

Summer jobs for teenagers are at the heart of Kildee's legislation. $100-million would help fund youth employment programs.

â??What we're trying to do with this package of bills is to create a safer environment for the neighborhoods and give kids a positive outlet for all their energy,â?? says Rep. Dan Kildee (D-Michigan).

The bills also helping fund after school programs like the one at Flintâ??s Pierce Elementary.

â??We have generations that have been experiencing after school programming and to enhance that and continue that legacy would be great,â?? says Larry Watkins, interim superintendent for Flint Community Schools.

Kildee says his aim is to increase opportunity for mid-Michigan youth at every level. Itâ??s opportunity Mize hopes his neighbors don't waste.

â??Itâ??s going to be better for Flint. I think the jobs and all that make us know they want us more and love us more in Flint,â?? adds Mize.

The congressman's third bill looks to get more federal law enforcement on Flint and Saginaw streets.

Congressman Kildee will introduce the legislation in congress later this month.

He says it will be a fight to get it passed but he and Flint neighbors are hopeful the funding will come through.