Rep. Stanley calls Flint to action in school violence problem

A month after one of the deadliest school massacres, a local lawmaker is addressing school violence.

State Representative Woodrow Stanley (D-Flint) hosted a special town hall at Potter Elementary school Monday night to have a thoughtful discussion about preventing violence in schools.

The Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., in December sent shockwaves across the country and here in Genesee County. All Genesee County schools cancelled classes two days before the start of winter break last month because of rumors of violence circulating social networking sites.

Rep. Stanley said the discussion should go beyond just talk of stricter gun control and ramping up security at schools.

"All of us can offer commentary after the fact,â?? Stanley said. â??It makes for great television, radio, legislation, discussions and the like, but what can we do to prevent the next Sandy Hook from happening?"

Among the panelists tonight were Flint Schools Interim Superintendent Larry Watkins and school board member Isaiah Oliver. Rep. Stanley concluded the evening by calling teachers, parents and community members to action to work to find new ways to help address and solve school violence.