Repair shops busy after heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures

At ABC Auto Repair, an annoying rattle is becoming the norm.

â??Bad stuff, a lot of transmissions, transfer cases,â?? says Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the shop.

The repairs are the result of driving on icy roads full of heavy snow.

â??Weâ??re having a lot of problems with snow getting built up in wheels, up inside the under carriage,â?? says Greg Kidd, a mechanic at ABC Auto Repair. â??Been a real nightmare with all this excess snow this year.â??

Jacobsâ?? shop is seeing a 30-percent increase in car repairs.

â??We'll probably get more in the next few days because people are getting dug out.â?? Says Jacobs.

Same story at Muffler Man in Grand Blanc.

â??Getting a lot of battery issues and the other thing we're getting is no heat,â?? says Todd Morrison, manager at Muffler Man.

Thatâ??s why it's important to have an emergency kit in your car.

â??It doesn't take a lot for a vehicle to get stuck,â?? says Morrison.

Mechanics say the kit should include a flashlight so you can see, a blanket to keep warm and some kitty litter for traction.

â??If you do get stuck, that back and forth, do that for a little bit but don't do it too much because it's hard on your transmission,â?? says Jacobs.

â??Make sure you do the routine maintenance, have your oil changed, battery checked, belts checked,â?? says Morrison.

While car repairs might be great for business, even mechanics are thinking of warmer days.

â??Iâ??m happy it's warming up. I'm getting tired of the cold weather and the snow,â?? adds Jacobs.

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