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      Repocast.com investing millions in new Flint location

      The site was chosen because of the proximity to major highways

      Repocast.com, an Online Auction Company, has decided to make a new home in Flint.

      Currently, Repocast.com has their Main Headquarters in Byron Center, MI as well as a location in Ortonville, MI.

      Repocast.com saw an opportunity to expand their company and researched and concluded that Flint was the place to do that. Sid Miedema, CEO, Repocast.com and Miedema Auctioneering Inc., said he is looking forward to the expansion and bringing a positive impact to the city of Flint.

      ??We??re excited to open our new facility in Flint,?? Miedema said. ??It allows us to grow our business, invest in the area and bring new jobs. It doesn??t get better than that.??

      Repocast.com is currently in the process of moving employees and items from their current location in Ortonville to their new building in Flint. The new building is located at 2851 James P. Cole Blvd, which is the former General Motors building. The property features 100,000-square-foot building which will include a 76,000-square-foot mezzanine area and 26 acres of outdoor storage.

      ??The site was chosen because of the proximity to major highways, as well as the large indoor and outdoor space allowing for additional storage?? said Scott Miedema, co-owner and brother to Sid. Over 2 million dollars worth of investment and renovation will be done in this process.

      Remodeling operations are underway and the site will be opening in mid to late July.

      The items auctioned off are from individuals, corporations, businesses, banks, credit unions or repossession companies.

      The site also allows the public to both buy and sell personal items and merchandise. Along with the various opportunities that Repocast.com will bring to the Flint community, one of the most pronounced will be the new job positions that will be offered.

      Repocast.com plans to hire approximately 100 more employees in the next year to fulfill the needs of this new location. If you are interested in applying please send resumes to Donna@1800lastbid.com.