Report says Animal Shelter put run-away dog to sleep without owner's knowledge

Rosie, a 17 year old family pet, was put to sleep when the animal shelter found her after she'd wandered away from home. / Courtesy WOOD TV8

A dog, that escaped from his owner TMs home and was found by the an Animal Shelter, was put down without the owner TMs knowing about it.

NBC25 TMs sister station, WOOD TV, reports Rosie, a 17 year old dog, wandered away from her home in February. Her age caused her to be unstable in her walk, and she had a tumor.

The Kent County Animal Shelter reportedly found the dog, and thought that it had been suffering outside for quite some time. So, they decided to put the dog down.

The dog wasn TMt wearing any identification tags, so the animal shelter didn TMt know she had a family at home.

The dog TMs family says they TMd been frantically searching for their pet, but by the time they arrived at the shelter it was too late.

You can watch the video from our sister station on this full story below, or find the complete story by clicking this link.


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