Reported "booms" rattle homes, leave many puzzled

What residents describe as "loud booms" and "explosions" remain a mystery.

For a couple months, people living in Mt. Morris and surrounding communties report hearing noises.

Mt. Morris resident, Mary White described it, "it's a huge boom a boom you cannot miss it."

She says it's been happening for several months.

"At random times there are huge explosions in the area somewhere to the point where it shakes my house, the pictures and mirrors rattle on the wall," said White.

Brian menerey lives in Mt. Morris.

He says he has also experienced the unexplainable racket during the daytime hours.

"Definitely not gunshots. They sound more like bombs going off or something dropping that's really heavy like a big dumpster just dropping out of the sky or something," said Mt. Morris resident, Brian Menery.

It's literally shaking them up.

"Couple of them you do end up feeling the vibration from them some are really big others aren't as big but still pretty big booms out there."

No one knows where the blast is coming from not even authorities.

Flint Police have dismissed the possibility of the noise being a byproduct of training at a secret location.

Lt. Collin Bernie of the Flint bomb squad says they have not activated any explosives at the site since February 26, 2013.

Meanwhile, it's keeping these residents on the edge of their seats waiting for the next big boom.

"Doesn't really bother me but people who are closer aren't liking the shaking rattling and rolling," said Menery.

"You know it would be nice to know why my house is rattling every week," said White.