Reporter gets stuck along I-75

And I was trying to be so careful. But my morning commute was delayed by icy roads. There I was, at 2:30 in the morning heading northbound on I-75 just north of the Holly Road exit, when my car started to swerve. I was going less than 40 miles an hour. But in retrospect that was too fast.

Suddenly, like in slow motion, my car swooshed off the expressway. I was stuck in a snowback on the median. And I was on a cliff. You've heard of the fiscal cliff? I was on the Median Cliff. Another few feet and I would have taken a 10 foot drop into sort of a median no-mans land. But I stayed up. Stuck.

I called 9-1-1. A Grand Blanc Township police officer was there in moments. He asked where I was heading. I said, I do the morning news on NBC 25. He says he recognized me. The police officer wondered why the salt crews hadn't been out that way yet. I wondered too. He called a tow truck.

Another few moments and Jim Ezell from Burton City Towing arrived. What does a reporter do when he's stuck in a snow bank? He interviews the tow truck operator. Jim said it was a busy morning. He was busy last night, then went to sleep for an hour. I was his first call of the morning. Several others would follow.

His charge? $70 bucks. He put a hook on my rear bumper and was able to get me out quickly. Now I see why tow truck operators love these kinds of storms.

Just trying to do my part to help the local economy.