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      Residents clean up after neighborhood is hit by graffitti vandals

      The Swartz Creek water tower was also spray painted with graffitti. Officials say the city does not have the equipment to get up the tower and cover up the paint.

      Dozens of homes and cars in Swartz Creek and Clayton Township were vandalized early Tuesday morning.

      Swartz Creek Police Chief Rick Clolinger told NBC25, the suspects were caught within hours of allegedly going on a spray painting spree.

      The suspects are expected to be officially charged next week. Chief Clolinger says because of the amount of damage done, the suspects will probably face felony charges.

      Clolinger says the suspects had been drinking and decided to spray paint various areas randomly.

      The Swartz Creek water tower was also spray painted. Swartz Creek city manager Paul Bueche says the city does not have the safety equipment to get up the tower and will probably to have hire an outside source to paint over the tower. Buecke says that could cost at minimum $15,000.

      A majority of the damage was in the Spring Brook Colony condominiums in Swartz Creek. Everything from garage doors to mailboxes were sprayed along with cars and street signs were tagged with graffiti. Many of the words were vulgar or racists.

      "Fortunately, no one was injured. It's just that they made a mess of the community. That will all get cleaned up in another day or so and we'll be all set," said Swartz Creek resident Jim Florence.