Residents irate over Flint city light assessment

Residents packed city council's chambers for the public hearing.

More than 200 Flint residents packed the city council chambers Thursday night, many of them to voice their displeasure over Flint's new city light assessment.

"And you think i'm going to pay $72, you can have them back, everyone of them. Matter of fact I'm thinking of moving out of your city," screamed one Flint resident.

The assessment is actually $74, and is projected to raise around $3 million for city light services as part of Emergency Manager Mike Brown's 2013 budget.

The budget, and controversial assessment, are set to go into effect July 1st.

"My question is did he use any of the suggestions that were given? I tried to read the paper, I tried to listen to the news. I try to keep up with what's going on. I'd like to know, did any of our suggestions help?" Flint resident Diane Merrill asked Brown's staff.

Brown did not attend the public hearing.

As part of his new budget for the city, Flint taxpayers will also be on the hook for higher water and sewer rates and a flate garbage collection charge.