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      Residents protest closing of Pierson Road Kroger

      Worried about access to fresh food has a group taking to protesting in an effort to avoid its local grocery store from closing its doors.

      The Kroger on Pierson Road is set to close next month, but itâ??s also the place many people on Flintâ??s north side use, because itâ??s within walking distance.

      "This corporation is heartless if it does this to these people,â?? said Jackie Poplar, Flint City Council.

      Brenda Fluker has called this neighborhood home for more than three decades.

      "I think it's pitiful. People won't have ways to get to other stores,â?? said Fluker.

      Poplar says without this Kroger on Pierson road the area is left with few options to find fresh and healthy food.

      "This is leaving us with a multitude of what we don't need, and that's a bunch of party stores,â?? said Poplar.

      Fluker says people in her community often don't have easy access to transportation.

      "That's going to be a catastrophe cause you got a lot of older people in this neighborhood that are already established and that's been here longer than I have that can walk here,â?? said Fluker.

      There is a Meijer about a mile further down Pierson Road, but this grocery store is one of the last ones within walking distance for many who live in the city's north side neighborhoods.

      This group is hoping their voices will be heard, and they will be able to save this store. But officials with Kroger say the Pierson Road store in Flint Township will close August 16.