Residents relieved to see demolition of vacant apartment complex

Residents say they are happy to see crews tearing down the buildings that have become an eyesore for the neighborhood. / Mike Horne

The demolition of the Carpenter Road Apartments couldn't come soon enough for nearby residents.

"It's terrible. People can't get out quick enough, " said David Jackson, a Flint resident for 40 years.

The six buildings have been vacant for six year and during that time have been nothing but trouble for the neighborhood.

Community members say a number of arsons at the buildings have given the area a bad reputation and add the shady characters aren't helping either.

"If you order a pizza. They won't come in and deliver in this area," said Jackson.

Chatum Village Block Club Treasurer Marie Gibson says thieves hide their stolen goods in the units.

"They are actually staying here and then at night they are canvassing the neighborhood."

Another concern for residents is that kids are also attracted to the buildings.

"I was concerned because they could get hurt and we wouldn't even know they were there," said Gibson.

The City of Flint condemned the building this past summer and now along with the Genesee County Land Bank, the city is demolishing the complex.

"This is only a start. We're tearing this down but I suspect we'll build something in the future," said Gensee County Commissioner Omar Simms.

In the meantime, the land will be turned into a green area.

"It's a relief. It's a relief," said Jackson.