Residents say packs of stray dogs are terrorizing their Flint neighborhood

Folks on Flint TMs east-side say vicious loose dogs are terrorizing their neighborhood.

"I am surprised you don't see any running around. On an average day, you'll see 10 dogs running around here," said Jay Westlake as NBC25 checked out the situation.

Animal Control confirms there is a problem. An animal control officer says she has seen a pack of stray dogs in the area. Many of them appear to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

Neighbors called NBC25 Sunday night about what they call a continuing problem after witnessing a dog attack.

I had my Pomeranian on a leash in my yard and the dog attacked, said Cheryl Rivette.

I don TMt know what to do. I have no money to pay a vet, and my dog isn TMt using his leg at all. I don TMt know how bad it is, she said with worry.

Rivette is asking anyone who can help her pay to check her dog out to call her vet. She wants to take her pet to the Veterinary Medical Hospital on Miller Road. The vet's phone number is 810-732-0000. The vet has agreed to take donations for her dog TMs care.

Rivette says she learned the dog that attacked her beloved pet belongs to a neighbor, and is not a part of the pack of strays.

Still, they need to take care of the problem, said Rivette. This time it is my dog bit, next time it could be a child.

Animal Control workers told neighbors they are simply understaffed, but are doing the best they can to address the situation.

Jay Westlake has a plan in the meantime to protect his dog when he takes her outside his home on New York Avenue.

I carry a pellet gun or a bat to protect her.